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View of garden through the Azumaya

This site is intended to assist those wishing to learn about the Bamboo Garden at Foothill College and the bamboo species that are grown in it.

The Garden
The Bamboo Garden is located on the campus of Foothill College in Northern California, USA. It was established in 1989 with the planting of six Phyllostachys nigra bamboo on a bare hillside below the Japanese Cultural Center. Over the years the garden has grown and now contain over 70 varieties of bamboos and covers an area of two acres. Here the bamboos, many of them not commonly seen in the United States, are being studied for their adaptability to the San Francisco Bay Area climate.

The garden offers the opportunity to observe bamboos from around the world and experience the special environment they create. The garden paths pass by each of the species. Signs identify each of the bamboos and free plant maps are available. In various locations there are benches where one can sit and relax.

Located in the east section of the garden is the Azumaya or meditation pavilion (pictured above). It was crafted by students at the International College of Crafts and Arts in Toyama, Japan, and gifted to the garden in 1998.

Hours and Admission
The garden is a public space that is open to anyone who would like to visit it from sunrise to sunset. Admission is free, but two dollars in quarters is required for campus parking.

Foothill College is located in the community of Los Altos Hills (approximately 35 miles south of San Francisco). To get to the campus take Interstate Highway 280 to the El Monte Road west exit and follow the signs to the campus. The garden is located on the southwest corner of the campus, adjacent to Parking Lot 6.

The garden is maintained by volunteers and is sustained by private donations. Work on the garden is ongoing, and additional projects are planned. We welcome your support.

If you would like to volunteer to work in the garden or share your expertise, please contact Gordon Holler, Garden Curator, at (408) 255-4085. Tax deductible contributions can be made to the Foothill College Bamboo Garden Fund, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA, 94022.

Bamboo Information
For questions about bamboo, we recommend contacting the American Bamboo Society (ABS). There maybe a local chapter near you. Information about growing bamboo, types of bamboo and their suitability to your local climate, bamboo suppliers, etc. can be found in the ABS online 'Bamboo Species Source List' or the ABS 'Frequently Asked Question' page.

Bamboo Blog

Lawn Care for your Bamboo Garden

Growing a bamboo garden can be a challenging task for first-time gardeners. Bamboo is considered the fastest growing plant. It is also known as a premiere renewable source and is usually used for decorations. On the other hand, many say that bamboo is a difficult plant to manage since it keeps on growing in unwanted places. The best way to avoid this problem is through root pruning. However, it is not enough to maintain the growth of bamboos. For the overall health of your bamboo garden, lawn care is also necessary.

Maintaining the lawn around bamboo sprouts and trees can’t be done easily. If you don’t do it properly, it may cause damages to the tree trunks and roots, resulting in problems with the bamboo’s growth.

To maintain the lawn in your bamboo garden, here’s what you should do.


It is better to water the lawn heavily when it really needs it compared to watering it lightly every now and then. Watering it lightly does not allow the water to seep through the soil and reach the roots of the grass.


Soil can provide nutrients the bamboo trees need. However, the natural nutrients present in it may not be enough to sustain both the trees and the grass. This is where fertilizing comes in. To add nutrients to the soil, sprinkle enough amount of fertilizer around the garden.


Mowing helps achieve a greener grass plot. It also helps build a stronger lawn that can battle against weeds. Do this regularly with the use of a ride on mower for best results. The reviews of zero turn ride on mower shows that it allows you to easily avoid obstacles like bamboo trees and sprouts without harming them.

Lawn care may not be that easy. Knowing the basics would be the first step to learning more about how to achieve the best look for your bamboo garden.

Protect Your Garden and Get a Gun and a Gun Safe

Maintaining the lawn and preventing plants from dying is hard work as it is, albeit fun. If you live in a place where wild animals roam freely, the task becomes more difficult. How can you keep lost and dangerous animals from putting your garden and your family in danger? At such times, you might find that owning a weapon is actually helpful. You need not use real bullets. You can buy a tranquilizer gun, if you want. However, you might also want to keep some bullets in the case you meet with a more dangerous opponent—burglars and trespassing humans.  

Weapons need special handling and storage. It is not necessary to just carry them around and keep them in unsafe places. You need a gun safe to store them properly. When you find a competitively price gun safe you should be fully equipped to carry all the weapons you have. The most important part of a gun safe is the floor pad, which supports the whole load. In choosing a gun safe, make sure that the material in which it is made is strong and durable. Usually, it’s made from metal.

After you make sure that the gun safe is secure enough, the next thing you have to consider is where you will put it. The best place might be inside the garden’s head office. This is where you make plans and store all your garden equipment. Thus, it’s the most accessible place. Just make sure that this place will only be accessed by authorized personnel. You don’t want children and strangers snooping around the place. Also, do not forget to find a corner that is easy to access in case of emergency. You need to be able to quickly grab the weapon when there is an attack.

When installing the gun safe, ask for professional help. Doing the task alone might be too much. Mishandling can lead to accidents. You want to avoid this.

It is always better to be prepared in the presence of wild animals. You know that gardens, especially those full of perennials and vegetation, can attract them.

Morning Yoga Classes in Bamboo Garden Now Accepting New Participants

A garden is a perfect place for meditating. The trees that surround it and the fresh air contribute to its peaceful ambiance. Thus, most people go there to relax. It’s the perfect place to conduct morning yoga lessons, too.

The Bamboo Garden in Beverly Hills is conducting morning yoga classes. Everyone interested can join in. This is for free. If you are a new participant, you have to be at the location at 6am to register your name.

The class offers Jivamukti and Fundamentals yoga in alternate.

Before the yoga class, instructors set up the garden. Volunteers are welcome to come early and give a helping hand. In an enclosed area in the garden, you just have to put a quality extra firm mattress on the lawn.

Every yoga class starts with breathing exercises. The Bamboo Garden is the perfect setting for this because of its fresh and clean air. The yoga class ends with a simple meditation. The quiet setting of the garden will help people to focus more.

In an alternate class, we also do physical exercises. Then, therapy sessions follow right after.

Enjoy these activities, get the best yoga experience, and visit the Bamboo Garden now!

Latest update: 12/11/04

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